About Us

Know More about North East Infotech (Guwahati)

North East Infotech was established in the year 2011 with an aim to revolutionize the way India perceives technology.

North East Infotech's project - National Network of Education (NNE) - India's largest network of 50+ Educational Portals was acquired by a NASDAQ-listed company in the year 2012 and it continues to run successfully in the country till date. 

It was after this, that the founders of the company, launched their flagship product for the Indian Education System - The India Education Network or the “IEN” as we call it, It is the largest educational network of nearly 500 educational websites covering all Indian states, Union Territories and all major cities and towns with individual sites for each of them under the .Shiksha domains.

Through this vast network we shall endeavour to bring all educational resources, information and updates to the students in an easily accessible way. Even though we have initially provided the content on this network in English language only, we shall soon endeavour to publish the content in maximum possible Indian languages also.

The IEN shall for the first time also provide a platform for all the educational institutes and other service providers to create online visibility for their institutes/service through our dedicated website builder and directory listing solutions.

We welcome you all to provide us your valuable suggestions so that we can serve the information hungry students in the best possible way.

For more information, log on to: www.indiaeducation.shiksha